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Notes of a traveller

Oh, Why did we move to Albany in WA?

Posted on Friday, September 16th, 2022 at 7:37 pm

So. Why did we move to Albany?

As you will know by now, after 15 years in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast of SE Queensland, we made the momentous decision to return to the south west corner of Western Australia. It feels like coming home.

There are those who question why we would move from a sub-tropical paradise to a wet and windy city a long way from anywhere much. Whilst we really enjoyed the fifteen years we spent in Noosa and Queensland in general, it was time to come back here.

We have now been here for three months and so have settled in, and I thought a little picture essay of some of the delights of the area might be appropriate. I have not included any pictures of the City of Albany … it is much like many Australian towns with all the usual facilities but with less people. We still have lots of friends to catch up with but it has surprised us what a BIG THING moving interstate is and we have to admit that it has taken us a while to recover.

The story is all in the captions so let’s start with the nearest beach with its clear turquoise water.

Albany WA Middleton Beach

Middleton beach is a short distance from home. Our house sits atop the right hand side of the hill behind.
Albany WA Middleton Beach boardwalk

From Middleton beach, a boardwalk runs around the headland to the Port of Albany and gives spectacular views.
Albany WA Middleton Beach boardwalk flowers

It is spring here and so the wildflowers are showing themselves in spectacular fashion.
Albany WA Middleton Beach boardwalk flowers

There are those that know the names of all these beauties – alas it is not I.
Albany WA Vancouver Peninsular Beach

The beach on Vancouver Peninsular opposite the boardwalk.
Albany WA Whales in King George Sound

Many migrating whales visit King George sound.
Albany WA Whales in King George Sound

What a sight!
Albany Region WA Lights Beach

A windsurfer catches a wave at Lights Beach to the west of Albany
Albany WA Little Grove sunrise.

Seen from Little Grove across Princess Royal Harbour, the sun rises over Mount Clarence. Albany is shrouded in early morning mist.
Albany WA Lttle Grove sunrise.

Sleepy pelicans enjoying the sunrise
Albany WA Little Grove sunrise.

An early fisherman takes to the water.
Albany WA Little Grove sunrise.

A regular roost for Pelicans and Cormorants.
Albany WA Pelican in Pricess Royal Harbour.

What an amazing creature. They are incredible flyers for a bird so clumsy on the ground.
Albany WA Torbay Inlet

The sun sets over Torbay Inlet to the west of Albany.
Albany WA

A seed pod, probably waiting for a fire to germinate.
Near Albany WA

Miniature flowers in the wind.
Near Albany WA

Bug eating plant about to get it’s dinner
Near Albany WA

Such beauty!
Near Albany WA

… and the colours!
Near Albany WA

An ancient tree in the dry country
Albany WA, Green Pool near Denmark

I always thought this was called Green’s Pool. I think I was wrong, it is actually Green Pool, and I can see why.
Albany WA Normans Beach

To the east of Albany lies Normans Beach a favourite of ours
Albany WA Normans Beach

A whale calf having fun off Norman’s Beach
Albany WA Normans Beach

Not too many sunbathers here – Norman’s Beach.

Our every day views

I finish this little missive with a few pictures taken from our upstairs comfy seats where we spend a great deal of our time. With views like this, who wouldn’t!

Albany WA Sunset

The sunset from our bedroom window.
Albany WA King George Sound

The sky above King George Sound gives us a continual show.
Albany WA King George Sound

… and varies a great deal
Albany WA King George Sound

Facing due east, we get the full moon rise!
Albany WA King George Sound

Mornings can be misty
Albany WA King George Sound

A ship waits to be called into the harbour.
Albany WA King George Sound

Another day begins over Oyster Harbour.

So you may now get an idea of why we moved back here. It is a really beautiful area with white sandy beaches bookended with granite headlands. A reminder of the west coast of Scotland and Jacqui’s youth.

Apart from this, it has been great to catch up with our many friends in the area, (still more to go!), in which we lived for several decades.

May you all be well and happy.




13 responses to “Oh, Why did we move to Albany in WA?”

  1. Tony & Beryl D says:

    Hi Alan and Jacqui from the other side of the world.
    The comments from your friends says it all, you’re just so good with that camera, fab pics. Good to hear that you’ve settled in and I hope that the wine is flowing with your many friends that you’ve caught up with and the ones you’ve yet to visit with have theirs on ice!!
    Take care.
    Love Tony & Beryl xx

  2. Mary Searle says:

    Absolutely wonderful Alan.Thrilled for you and Jacqui that you are back there and seeing your longterm friends again.

  3. Olly says:

    Love the misty morning and the whales. What a great place to come home to! Love Olly and Corrinne

  4. Ciarán de Baróid says:

    Fantastic photos Alan. I see you haven’t given way to the temptation to rely on a phone camera.

  5. Brian Terry says:

    Fabulous Alan – really captured the location and glorious colours

  6. Max says:

    Amazing pics Dad! Looking forward to a visit xx

  7. sandy Roderique says:

    So beautiful Alan & Jacqui and your photos are stunning. We’re happy for both of you. Next time we visit the area we’ll look you up. Sending love. Sandy & Mark

  8. Regina Synnot says:

    What a beautiful corner of the world this is and I remember it all very well. Will show those fantastic photos to Mahli and Bodhi so they can see where Momo and Grandy are now beach walking .School holidays for next 2 weeks so we shall catch up soon. Much love to you both, Regina

  9. Jac says:

    Oh God – thank uou so much for sharing these SUPERB shots dear Alan – I feel like I’ve just experienced a beautiful quartet concert. Colour, shape, ambience, composition, form, texture and content – that baby whale!! Those stoic ships in stillness… each image is a song 👏👏🥳🌺🌺 Yes, wonderful choice!! Love to u both 🙏🥰

  10. Sue+Keast says:

    Wow Alan what absolutely fabulous photos, makes me really appreciate Albany that much more. Look forward to catching up. Cheers Sue

  11. David Steward says:

    Hello Alan,
    Must be many years since I saw you and often wondered if Josie would still be with us if I had not worked her so hard in the shop to cause a separation through to a divorce .Looks like you have the idyllic life style with those exceptional scenic pictures. Kind regards to you and your extended family. Tales of a traveller, much enjoyed. David

  12. Helen Lynes says:

    Welcome home x

  13. Tara Samaya says:

    These photos are stunning! Can’t wait to visit soon 🙂

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